When to Get An Auto Accident Attorney & Attorney Fees

In the case of accident injuries and negligent drivers, the combined experience of a legal team of personal injury attorneys can help you receive maximum compensation for physical injury, and even punitive damages. This can be especially important for a pedestrian accident or bicycle accident where severe injuries are more likely. Brain injuries are another example of a major injury where legal counsel is strongly recommended. 

Personal injury attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, meaning accident victims only pay if they win their personal injury lawsuit. This is important for individuals who think they may lack the financial resources to hire a personal injury and auto accident lawyer. The standard attorney fee in Utah and Arizona is 33% of the final settlement; however, our attorney fee is only 30%.

An experienced car accident lawyer understands the insurance industry and knows how to combat common insurance company tactics, so you get the financial recovery you are owed.

Getting A Lawyer Can Increase Your Compensation

Car accidents can be expensive and stressful events. If you are the victim of a car crash or a collision, a personal injury lawyer can be instrumental in maximizing the compensation you are awarded from the responsible party. An auto accident lawyer is specially trained to know the fair compensation for economic and non-economic damages. This includes property damage, medical expenses, and even punitive damages.

In most cases, an experienced lawyer will increase your compensation by far more than working through it alone. 

Handling Insurance Companies

Insurance companies are businesses that want to avoid payouts. The negligent party’s insurance company may try to reduce the amount they are required to pay you. Even your own insurer may look for opportunities to reduce their financial obligation to the matter.

A lawyer knows the rules and will fight for you to ensure you receive the money owed for the incident.

When to Call Your Accident Attorney 

If you are wondering when to hire an attorney after a car accident that caused property damage or any amount of personal injury, you should contact an auto accident lawyer as soon as you comfortably can. A lawyer will be your guide regarding which courses of action you should take to get the best results.

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