Dr. Chris M. Robinson, DC, JD

Utah Licensed Attorney

Chris M. Robinson is not only an attorney but he is also a chiropractic physician. Prior to founding Robinson Injury Law, Dr. Robinson spent over a decade focused exclusively on the medical treatment of auto accident injuries. Chris Robinson was the owner of a multidisciplinary medical practice which employed medical doctors, pain management doctors, neurologists, chiropractic physicians, and physical therapists. There are only a handful of personal injury attorneys in the country that have the same designation and training.

What does this mean for you? If you are involved in a motor vehicle crash or any other type of injury, Chris Robinson has the experience to ensure you get what you deserve from the responsible party. While practicing as a chiropractic physician, Chris Robinson only treated & managed auto accident patients. The insurance companies have one goal when it comes to your case and that goal is to pay you as little as possible your suffering. The medical experience of Chris Robinson makes a difference when handling insurance companies because he understands your injuries and works hard to ensure you are fully compensated for those injuries.

Our law firm is dedicated to helping others navigate the difficulties involved in auto accident cases. Why handle it alone? You can now have a law firm with not only legal experience, but also medical experience. Our attorneys and staff are focused on achieving the best possible outcome for you…get what you deserve!

At the Robinson Injury Law, you will be able to speak DIRECTLY with your attorney. You may be just a number with other law firms and auto insurance companies, but at Robinson Injury Law your case is our priority!

Matt McWilliams

Arizona Licensed Attorney

Matt McWilliams has over 20 years of law experience and specializes in personal injury law. in Arizona. Matt’s dedication to clients with his legal knowledge provides superior legal outcomes. He is genuinely invested in all of our clients at Robinson Injury Law and supports them in receiving the best possible legal representation, strong negotiation with insurance companies, and ensuring our clients are made as “whole” as possible.

Mr. McWilliams attended the University of Arkansas and completed his law degree at the University of Arkansas – Williams H. Bowen School of Law. Matt also has experience as a litigation lawyer and is truly an asset to Robinson Injury Law.